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We specialize in the following services:

Project Nosedive Recovery - Is your engineering or construction project having a few bumps along the way?  A few bumps is normal, but sometimes, things go really bad really quickly.  Our staff has extensive experience fixing the low bidder's mistakes.  Of course, we prefer to perform the project correctly from the beginning, but if you're in need of assistance, we can help.  Anything from minor consultation and coaching to full on take-over of a project. 

3D Laser Scanning - Our most popular field service, the use of 3D laser scanning has quickly become a must-have for post construction and brown-field work.  We typically use a FARO laser system to scan your project.  The scan measures millions of points in all three spacial dimensions and is then output using state-of-the-art computers and software as a virtual point-cloud model.  At that point, we can assist with designing new components to fit or make modifications to existing components as needed and review all aspects of the design to make sure that the new components are able to be installed and will fit hassel free- saving you precious man-hours at installation.  

Subchapter M Stability Requirements - We specialize in small vessel conversions.  To that end, we have a full team of licensed professional engineers ready to perform your stability calculations.  No drawings?  No problem.  We can attend the vessel and use our 3D scanning and surveying methods to develop drawings for use in the stability calculations.  No trim and stability booklet (yes, it happens)?  No problem.  Once the stability calculations are complete, generating a trim and stability booklet is a simple next step.